I have done extensive consulting in public schools, independent schools, and early childhood programs. My work is tailored in each setting to my understanding of the needs that exist and the interests of the educators who will attend the sessions. The professional development I offer has focused in great part on topics within the areas of diversity, multicultural education, and advocacy for children.

I also provide professional development specifically focused on my book TALK MATTERS: REFOCUSING THE LANGUAGE OF PUBLIC SCHOOLING (Teachers College Press, 2000). These workshops, developed through collaboration with educators and administrators in the setting, have a specific focus on the impact of the ways in which children are discussed, described, and categorized within the school or program. The workshops utilize a variety of dynamic activities including simulations and small group problem solving and end with the conceptualization of a code of ethics related to the ways in which educators will talk about children within the school or program setting.

My new book STANDING UP FOR SOMETHING EVERY DAY (Teachers College Press, 2014) offers exciting pathways to professional development. Potential topics include diversity, social justice, advocacy, and ethics as they apply to daily classroom practice. An initial focus on the application of ethics in the classroom setting opens the door to reflection on issues of diversity and justice as well as pathways to advocacy for children. Teachers in my workshops have the opportunity to engage in simulations, role playing, case studies, small group problem solving, and other dynamic forms of the active application of ideas to their real life professional setting.