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March 2, 2014 Comments Off on HERE IS THE COVER OF MY NEW BOOK! General


StandingUp_1b_2  Book Cover

My book STANDING UP FOR SOMETHING EVERY DAY: ETHICS AND JUSTICE IN EARLY CHILDHOOD CLASSROOMS has just made its premier appearance in the Teachers College Press 2014 Catalog.  It will be out in early April, just in time for my book signing at the American Educational Research Association meeting in Philadelphia (come over to the Teachers College Press booth in the exhibits to say hi if you are there! The book signing is 4:30-5:00 PM on Friday April 4th).

I am so excited about this book; it has been a very long time in the making.  The concept and title first came to me in 2008 – 2009 when I was a visiting professor at Teachers College.  During that year, I was honored to be borrowing the former office of Dr. Leslie R. Williams, who had passed away from cancer in November 2007. Leslie had been the great inspiration of my academic career; she contributed to it most generously in countless ways.  While I was still a doctoral student Leslie opened up an opportunity for me to create a course Young Children and Social Policy at Teachers College – a course I loved and taught there in summers for over 25 years!  Leslie also chaired my dissertation on the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 and invited me to submit the proposal for my 1989 book on child advocacy to Teachers College Press.  The first decision I made in 2008 after conceptualizing the book was that I would dedicate it to Leslie.  It is very fulfilling for me to now see that dedication – and the entire book – in its final form.

My great hope, of course, is that my new book has a true impact on the lives of teachers and children. I was so delighted to see the teacher with the smiling face and determined little children on the cover design. Teachers who stand up for something every day give the priceless gift of hope to the children in their care. I still remember the words of another Teachers College professor from the past – Dr. George Z.F.  Bereday – in the class I took with him on juvenile justice in the early 1980s.  Dr. Bereday was ill during the course; in fact it was the last he taught at Teachers College before his death.  He spoke to us very seriously in the final class meeting, urging us to advocate for the most troubled children among us with unflagging determination.  We should not be too concerned, he said, with our failure to accomplish as much as we might wish for these children. It was enough that they had been in the presence of someone who persisted in their efforts to help others, no matter how limited the outcomes. The children, he said, would place more value on their own future persistence because they had been so deeply aware of ours.  I have repeated his words many times over the years, and enjoyed thinking of them again when I saw that teacher with her young students on the cover of my book.

I hope you will read my book when it comes out soon, and I encourage you to communicate with me about it! Your insights, thoughts, and critique will be most welcome.  The author may create the book, but it is the reader who brings the book to life. I look forward to hearing about the ways in which you do this.