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  Hello and thanks to my blog followers!  My blog is on summer vacation and will return on Sunday September 1, 2013. See you then. Have a great summer. Peace and love!






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The Unwritten Pages!

                 Unwritten pages       

            I’ve been working steadily on my new book Standing Up for Something Every Day this summer.  Every chapter requires study and research. This gives me the opportunity to walk from my house through Schenley Park to Hillman Library on the University of Pittsburgh campus. I love this library! I have done research in it for every publication I’ve written right back to my dissertation (I was completing it when I moved to Pittsburgh).  My favorite part is sitting at a quiet table with stacks of books around me, taking lots of notes on index cards.  Although I know my topics well at this point in my career, they can’t come to life for a new book unless I relearn them through the lens of what others have written. It is so exciting to come across ideas in books that enliven a thought and give it current shape. Even with all the conveniences that technology offers to researchers, it is important to me to spend some days in the library with books, reading and thinking and getting ready to write a book of my own. To be a scholar is to be forever a student.

It is a great adventure to write a book.  Like all great adventures, it involves an amazing amount of work and time.  Sometimes people ask me why I am still working this hard. This never bothers me – I’m always glad to explain my reason. I am still writing because today I can still walk into a school in any state of this nation in which children are being denied the opportunities that should have been their birthright since the Brown decision of 1954. They are in overcrowded classrooms and the resources available to them are fundamentally inadequate. Their principals and teachers are under stress to rehearse and rehearse them for standardized tests – they are pawns in a federal and state game designed to pretend that poverty and limited school resources don’t matter. To get in many of these schools, I need to ring bells outside the locked doors. Once buzzed in, I might be greeted by a security guard who is policing the hallways – or a metal detector, or a member of the local police force escorting a weeping young child out of the building. As I walk from classroom to classroom to look inside, the faces of the children tell the story. Relevant and productive education, for many, is still a dream deferred.

So, I treasure my unwritten pages – they are the pages for all the children whose dreams must be protected and whose hopes must not be destroyed. The words of a writer do have wings – we don’t know where they go but we have to believe that it is better to write them than to remain silent.